Anyone willing to make their our cosmetic and cleaning products will realize that is almost impossible to find the products plastic free, and even more complicated, waste-free. These products come normally in small plastic bottles that are single use. For those people that want to create their own products, we offer a more sustainable option. You can do it following these simple steps: 

1. Create an account

To become our customer, you need a Bulk & Beauty account. Fill in your e-mail and you'll get a code from us to create your account as soon as possible. As our model of business  relies on reusable and returnable containers, it is possible we cannot attend many customers from the very beginning.

2. Make your first order

Once you have created an account, you can make your first order! All our ingredients are delivered in reusable glass jars or bottles, for which we ask you to deposit an amount of 2.00€. We fill these containers with products that are delivered to us in large quantities. After placing the order, you will receive the products in reused carton boxes and closed with biodegradable tape.

3. Returning the containers

Once you have enough containers for returning, you can do so using the same delivery box or any box you find appropiate. It is a good idea to keep our filling, so then the containers are enough protected for their way back to us. Once we have the containers back, you will see the number of returned containers in your account. We will also take care of cleaning the containers.

4. Make a new order

In a new order, the number of returned containers will be discounted from the containers needed for the products purchased. Again you will receive your order at home and the reusable containers will fulfill their first cycle!