227 g distilled water
101 g sodium hydroxide
595 g olive oil
128 g shea butter
71 g castor oil

Directions to make

  1. Wearing protective gloves and eyewear, carefully stir the lye into the aloe or distilled water. Avoid breathing in the temporary strong fumes.
  2. Set the lye solution aside in safe place to cool to around 100 to 110 degrees F (38 to 43 degrees C).
  3. Melt the solid oils and fats.
  4. Mix the melted oils/fats with the other liquid oils in the recipe.
  5. Pour the cooled lye solution into the warmed oils.
  6. Using a combination of hand-stirring and an immersion blender, stir the soap until it reaches trace*.
  7. Pour the soap into the mold and cover lightly with a towel or blanket.
  8. Keep the soap in the mold for about 2 days or until it releases easily.
  9. Slice into bars and cure in the open air for at least 4 weeks before use. Soaps higher in olive oil, like the bastille soap, will improve as they age, so benefit even more from a 3+ month cure time.