About the company

Bulk & Beauty offers a sustainable way for you to make your own beauty and cleaning products, by providing a range of natural, organic and vegan ingredients offered in reusable and refillable containers. By using only 10 ingredients, you can already start making many of the skincare and haircare recipes for your daily life. Bulk & Beauty not only aims at offering plastic-free alternatives, but to be as much zero waste as possible. This includes reusable shipping packaging, filling for delicate goods, sustainable and reusable labels, etc.

Our Story

Bulk & Beauty was founded in 2020 by Adriana and Antonio, both with a huge passion and willingness to avoid unnecessary waste.

In 2018, overwhelmed by the huge quantity of single use plastics we use everyday and the devastating effects for our planet, we decided to start our journey to reduce our plastic and waste footprint. Getting cosmetics or cleaning products plastic-free or even zero waste was possible, but quite expensive. With this on our mind, we decided to start making our beauty and cleaning products, but getting the ingredients plastic-free was impossible!

Thus, Bulk & Beauty was founded to provide a sustainable alternative to those people who want to use more natural or handmade products and want to avoid waste.