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Jojoba Oil
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Jojoba Oil

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Jojoba oil is a liquid wax well-known for having a similar chemical composition to the sebum found in human skin. It is commonly used as moisturizer, cleanser, and for controlling the oil production of skin and hair. It contains the most important vitamins and minerals for the skin (including vitamin E) and a natural sun protection factor 4.

- Natural & cold pressed jojoba oil

- 100 ml packaged in a reusable sustainable glass container

- Shelf life: 2-5 years


INCI: Simmondsia chinensis/ Buxus chinensis

Composition: mixture of wax esters C38 - C44. These wax esters contain approximately 47 to 49% fatty acids and 50 - 52% fatty alcohols (68% eicosanoic acid, 12% oleic acid, 18% cetoleic acid), provitamin A, amino acids, minerals, squalane, up to 49% unsaponifiable.

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